What Holiday Do You Celebrate This Time of Year?

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As I enjoy days of indulging in lots of good food, time with my family and close friendS, watching my kids open presents, and exclaim over their good fortune I find myself reflecting on what a small portion of us around the world actually share this tradition with me.   What are my fellow brothers and sisters around the globe are doing this week?  Are they celebrating at all?  If so, what are the celebrating and how?

My family traditions have changed a little as I’ve grown older but being together has not changed.  My parents put up a live tree with ornaments collected over our lifetimes.  Each and every one has a story, and together they are the narrative of my loved ones lives together.  This brightly colored tree with its branches laden with the love and memories of my family is the quiet yet powerful symbol of our Christmas.  We exchange gifts carefully thought out and presented with exhilarating anticipation of the receiver’s joy in receiving it.

We stay up late and talk into the wee hours of the night.  Catching up on all the daily affairs we’ve missed out on.  You see, Clarke and I live in North Carolina with our children but we are originally from Ohio and most of our family is still there.  Our kids run with their cousins and enjoy staying up until way past their bedtime, while we adults laugh and joke with each other during the short time we have together before we have to head back to work and school.  It is a joyous time no matter how many gifts or their monetary expenses.

Tis the season to be grateful and giving.  A time of love and peace.  I’m fascinated by all the different facets of tradition and celebrations around the world.  Whether I am of the same mind or not, each and every belief is to be respected.

Would you care to share the Holiday you celebrate this time of year and how you celebrate?  What are your family traditions?  My family and I would be honored if you would share with us and our loved ones?



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