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The Running Possibilities…
Gino Brann – Our South Korean Friend and Connection
Sun Ray

The Running Possibilities…

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With the help of Google Earth and Wiki, I’ve got a rough draft, so to speak, of the places Clarke could run to.  He’d like to stay on the East Coast as much as possible.  However, some countries aren’t represented here on the East coast so he’ll need to travel to California and/or Hawaii among others.

Here’s the list in the order he may have traveled around the globe and the U.S. locations that have the highest populations from there.

1. Mexico (This is close enough that he may just run to Mexico for real) Guanajuato has 3 wk international festival of the arts in October.

2. Brazil: East Newark, NJ; North Bay Village, FL; N. 34th St New York, NY

3. Nigeria: Prince George’s, MD; Baltimore, MD; Nigerian-American Council in DC (nigerianamerican.org)

4. Egypt: Dearborn, MI; Great Jones St, between Broadway and Lafayette St. in New York there’s an Annual Arab-American & North African Street Festival (was held June 21st this year)

5. Spain: St. Augustine, FL; New Orleans, LA; New York; Florida; West Virginia

6. France: (Louisiana Creole) New England, Northern New York (Statue of Liberty from France)

7. UK (Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales): North Carolina, specifically Western North Carolina in and around Macon and Jackson Counties. (Home!!)

8. Germany: Lely Resort, FL; German-American Steuben Parade held the 3rd Sat in Sept.

9. Italy: Manhattan or the Bronx, NY; South Philly, PA; Newark, NJ; Johnston, RI; Staten Island, NY; Cincinnati, OH

10. Turkey: NYC; Rochester, NY; Washington D.C; Detroit, MI; Turkish-American Festival on 4/23

11. Iran: Bergen County, NJ; Las Angeles, CA (“Inraneles” to Iranian-Americans according to Wikipedia); Washington, DC; New York

12. Russia: New York Metro Area; Pikesville, MD; Roslyn Estates, NY; Peaceful Valley, CA; Sharon Springs, NY

13. China: San Francisco, CA; Honolulu, HI; Ann Arbor, MI; Everett, WA

14. India: Jersey City, NY; Plano, TX; San Jose, CA; Austin, TX; Atlanta, GA

15. Vietnam: San Jose, CA; Garden Grove, CA; “Little Saigon” in Orange, CA; “Little Saigon” in Houston, TX

16. Indonesia: Southern California (historically Berkley College)

17. Philippines: Greater LA Las Angeles County, CA; Oahu, HI

18. Korea: Bergen County – Bergen County – Palisades Park, NJ Broad Ave. in Koreatown; Las Angeles, CA; Anaheim, CA; New York, NY

19. Japan: Honolulu, HI; Gardena, CA; Dublin, OH (5th highest)

20. USA – Put it to a vote?

Gino Brann – Our South Korean Friend and Connection

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In true World Tree Circle spirit, we want to spread the word about Clarke’s run and our plans for the website with other countries and their many cultures.  We have found that the easiest way to make new friends is to start with the friends we already have and ask for introductions to their friends whom we haven’t met yet.  So we have been reaching out to our friends abroad.  One of those friends is Gino Brann.  Clarke and Gino have been friends since their youth and met through a mutual friend, Mark Claibourne.  They have stayed in touch and Gino has given us a window into life in South Korea since his move there just after college.  Gino was actually born there and was drawn back to learn more about his heritage.  But I should let him tell you about it in his own words.  Below is an interview Gino graciously agreed to.  We wanted all of you to get to know more about the folks who are helping to make WTC a reality.  Gino will be spreading the word and passing out our WTC T-shirts for us as we move towards Clarke’s run next year.  Take a look……
gino and violet lea                                                        Gino Brann Musician
June 28th, 4:49pm
Why did you go to South Korea?
I was born in Busan in 1982 and moved to the states when I was 2 years old. My mother is Korean and my American father lived in Korea for many years, originally in the late 60s with the Peace Corps. So there was a lot of interest in seeing this part of the world, perhaps in gaining a better understanding of my family heritage. So in the summer of 2004, with the ink still drying on my university diploma, I answered an online ad on daveseslcafe.com and moved to Busan.
How long have you lived there? I lived in Busan from 2004-2005, then headed back to Ohio to take the LSAT and prepare for the next phase. A couple of months after taking the test I got a call from a friend in Colombia who invited me to travel with him, which sounded great, and somewhere on a beach in South America I decided to postpone my law school aspirations and travel a bit more. So I answered another online ad on daveseslcafe.com and moved back to Busan, and here I’ve been ever since.
What are you doing (for a living) now? My time is mostly split teaching English conversation at a university and teaching guitar at an international school. The rest of my waking life is mostly spent playing music and hiking.
What do folks do for fun in SK? Welp…..I’d say your typical folks like to socialize during the daytime in coffee shops and department stores and the like, and during the nighttime in the many shops that cater to the drinking and eating, eating and drinking crowd. Singing rooms are popular here, which is kind of a private karaoke. Fortunately Busan has some great beaches, a couple of parks, and a few hills for hiking, which are all popular weekend activities, as well as a nascent arts and music scene.
gino in s korea
How would you describe life in South Korea to people who haven’t ever been there? I suppose it’s pretty fast-paced. Things in the city seem to be under a constant state of construction and turnover in the name of progress. There are certainly a lot of cultural differences that have taken me a lot of time to fully understand. Until recently, the country was almost completely racially homogenous and there is a deep sense of camaraderie among the people, which I was personally not accustomed to growing up in the states. But all in all Koreans are proud, hard-working people who are deeply generous and hospitable. Sadly, the youth suffer under extreme (by American standards) expectations in school and spend almost all of their time in some kind of classroom. With limited national resources, education is very important and competitive.
Music provided by Gino.  It’s some good stuff.  You might consider checking out his site: ginobrann.bandcamp.com or ginobrannmusic.com

Sun Ray

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People all around the world thrive on gathering information helpful to their passions, work, creativity, and etc. One of the ideas for World Tree Circle is to facilitate a website where people everywhere can publicly post what they are doing and how, in order to help someone else that may be doing something similar.  World Tree Circle has the potential to not only be an inspirational tool but also an educational one.  When a user posts something similar to another users work or interests, that user will get a  notification called a “sun ray”. If you are planning to start a club or group activity and you post on WTC publicly about it, the site can help you to find other people interested. You could request a “sun ray” for just about anything you post.  The algorithm would be very simple.  Similar to a search engine.  It would use the words you wrote to find you similar posts from others.  Perhaps, it would be better if the leaf holders specified which areas of interest they would prefer their “rays” to come from. This feature would enable the users to learn more about projects, ideas, and pertinent information happening all around the world while letting them tailor information to their specific interests.  It could also be used as an open source forum.

sun woman                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           beautiful colorful sunset with sun rays


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