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How can World Tree Circle Help Make the Best of My Travels?

How can World Tree Circle Help Make the Best of My Travels?

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With so many resources for travelers on the web these days, you may ask what World Tree could add.  It’s a valid question.  In our opinion WTC can add not only a much greater wealth of information to pull from but also a better rating for those suggestions and insights that you have to choose from.  Why just take one person’s word for it when you can ask millions?

Think about it.  World Tree, as a worldwide forum for any topic, would allow you to pose a question to every single person in the world old enough to use the internet.  The answers could be limitless.  That gives you a far more accurate idea of the pros and cons of an area.  Or which attractions in a specific area are worth adding to your list of things to do first while traveling there.

You have 4416 cities in the world to choose from (according to the World Atlas) and the most commonly known places aren’t necessarily best.  Sometimes its just a matter of better advertising and marketing.  And that’s just the cities with a population over 150,000.  There are little meccas of culture with inhabitants that embody a myriad of talents, values, and lifestyles for you to experience.

You don’t even have to travel.  Let’s face it.  As romantic and glorified as travel may be, it isn’t for everyone.  That doesn’t mean that some of those home-bodies aren’t still interested in learning about other cultures and making friends with similar interests no matter the distance.  They just don’t want to leave the comfort of their hometown to do so.  World Tree will give us all the ability to expand our horizons in whatever way intrigues us.

We’re not saying we’re going to be the best tool for world travel out there.  Just one of the better tools to compliment the existing greats.  Are you ready?

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