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Progress is Exciting

Progress is Exciting

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Just a quick update for our followers.  We’ve met with our new team several times now and have a game plan that will be going in to action soon.  What have we been up to?  Here’s what we’ve got going on:

  • Planning a Focus Group study for next week.  We will be meeting with 5-10 WCU international students to talk about social media and there likes and dislikes over yummy food and good company.
  • Finalizing our online survey that will go out to the entire student body at WCU.  This 10 question survey will help us get a stronger handle on what people are looking for in their social media.
  • Our computer team, Christian and Pat, have started  to create the foundation for the website.  Soooooo exciting!!!!!!!
  • In the “design stage” of creating a new short video to talk about WTC that we will use on a crowd funding site called Indiegogo as well as our site and other online advertising.

And check out “Pictures on the Run” on our Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to see what Clarke has been up to during his runs to train for next summers epic run!

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