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We’re Ready to Start Taking Your Orders

We’re Ready to Start Taking Your Orders

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T-shirt Mock up #2


World Tree Circle is ready to take pre-orders for your WTC T-shirts.  Remember, we have to get 500 ordered before BluBus will start printing them.  Once we have meet our goal, we will send out an email to everyone who ordered to let you know that your T-shirt is being made and approximately when you can expect to receive it in the mail.

The breakdown:

You pay $15 for your shirt.

Paypal takes 2.9% of the cost per shirt + 0.30 per transaction.

We get the shirts from BluBus for $8 a piece.

So World Tree Circle will make approximately $6 off of each shirt.  These proceeds are used to keep World Tree Circle growing and help get the word out.

Click Here to Order Your World Tree Circle Shirt

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