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Do a Little Dance!

Do a Little Dance!

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It took us longer than we anticipated BUT the tentative schedule for Clarke’s run/bike trip across the USA is done.  Now that we have dates to plan around we can start contacting folks along the route that are excited to share their culture and traditions with us on behalf of their native country.

I have a few ideas for places we would like to visit already.  For example, while researching where to find “Little Saigon” in Houston, Texas, I came across an article about the first Vietnamese restaurant there.  Mai’s Restaurant was founded by Phim and Phac Nguyen in 1978.  After reading the article I am intrigued to see it for myself and sample some of their fine traditional cuisine and learn more about the Vietnamese traditions and lifestyle here in the States, as well as back in Vietnam.

I also found out – don’t laugh if you already knew this – that there is a sea in the United States!  I do not ever remember learning this in geography class growing up, nor does Clarke.  It just so happens that we will go right by it on our way out West and our timing will allow us to spend some time checking it out.  It’s called the Salton Sea.  It was created by accident over 100 years ago by a breach in an irrigation canal and the Colorado River began to fill up the Salton Sink.  It was a beautiful resort/recreation area for people until the late 70s, early 80s.  Unfortunately a large quantity of agricultural run-off an other nasty stuff has destroyed the water and most of the surrounding eco-system.  California has been Oak in the Salton Seacontemplating how to tackle this huge challenge to protect future generations from the repercussions.  This is a sad situation but a good learning tool as well.  A perfect example of how, if we are not conscious of our actions and the chain of events that can unfold, things like this can happen.  It gives us an opportunity to begin to take responsibility and begin to fix things, one positive step at a time.

We’ll continue to keep you updated as we find cool places, and most especially, cool people to see along our trip.  For now, I’ve included the calendar below as well as on the World Tree Circle Run page for you to take a look.  Please send us any recommendations you have for our stops along the way and any special site seeing we should be sure not to miss out on along the way!


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