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Beautiful and Inspiring Words Given to Us…I Just Had to Share.
World Tree Leaves

Beautiful and Inspiring Words Given to Us…I Just Had to Share.

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World Tree Circle is the place that people turn to where products, businesses, and ideas whose goal it is to solve intractable problems, heal the earth, and share knowledge for the benefit of all are found. 


Such beautiful words.  I can’t lay claim to them.  These are thanks to a World Tree Circle supporter like you.  Clarke’s dad, in fact.  From Clarke’s passionate explanation and defense of our pursuits to create this website, Mick has seen the picture described in his own words above.  World Tree Circle will be that, and so much more.  Our imagination is the limit.  It will be a simple social network for some.  For others it will be a tool.  And for those intrepid souls with limitless imaginations and faith it will be a place to gather with their fellow man and create a new world where we are all equal and beautiful.  Where we can solve the unsolvable and learn how to be…more.

In the words of Shakespeare, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on.”


World Tree Leaves

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The team here at World Tree thinks that its users should get their own leaves.  Akin, possibly, to a Facebook page (if you are familiar with that).  You can decorate your leaf with pictures, colors, music, font, etc. that speak to you aesthetically.  Picture the Tree of Life.  Often depicted with different colored leaves to represent spring, summer, fall and winter.  Well, WTC’s tree needs leaves and each one would be unique, representing the leaf holder by representing all the aspects that make them what they are – their generation, upbringing, culture, and country of origin would be displayed in the way they fashion our leaf’s layout.

Let’s take it a step further.  Not only should you be able to customize your leaf, but we also think you should be able to set up a shop, or organizational platform leaf as well if you like.  It can be one-in-the-same or hang its own “leaf”.  Someplace that you can offer you wares or state your case, as the case may be.  Musicians can sell their music, individual tracks, whatever.  Hobbyists can display their works of art, similar to Etsy.  All while have that translation software making dealing with people worldwide as simple as a few clicks of your mouse or a friendly chat with your new clientele via a chat room or video chat.

This is where those organizations we mentioned in another post would set up base camp (their leaf). When you want to read about an activity, organization, movement, and so on, that you heard about – this is the place you could come.  The organizations would have the opportunity through their translated leaves to get their information to a much larger audience.  Another great way to learn about other cultures or ways of life.  These leafs will also have the opportunity to receive Sun Rays just like the personal leaves.

Not sure whether you want your personal leaf to be seen by friends or the public, or anyone to see it period?  No worries.  You decide what gets seen and what doesn’t.

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