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So Why Open Source?

So Why Open Source?

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Why did we choose to open source?  If you do, or have done, any reading on Open Source you learn pretty quickly what  a rapidly growing idea it is.  More and more companies are using open source technology to grow their business.  There are many benefits.  Your software grows with you, it is more geared toward the users because they can give their opinion and help shape it.  And its friendlier to a tight budget.

Companies can save lots of their income by using open sourced products and creating their own to share.  World Tree Circle is no different.  As a small startup with no capital to start of with, on our own we have to raise the money to pay our contributors.  In the beginning we were all for that. World Tree Circle is going to be big news, and eventually it will bring a large income.  We’ll be rich.  We’d donate to whatever causes we wanted, buy nice, fair trade goods and foods, make our house more eco-friendly…the list could go on and on.  In the meantime though, WTC doesn’t have funds to get off the ground and we don’t have the technical knowledge to do it on our own.  We couldn’t pay the small team we had gathered and the challenges we faced discouraged some of them to the point of backing out, or at least only contributing now and again.  We were losing momentum and making tons of money and keeping it to ourselves was never the purpose of World Tree to begin with.

So why not share?  Why can’t we be comfortable and share the amazing technology that this project is bound to encourage?  This is a world site and should be a world project.  A place not only for all of us to hang out on to learn, sell, visit, get travel ideas or play games but also a virtual workshop for the most creative and innovative programmers and designers, social media gurus and any other techy to exercise their brain and share what they do best even behind the scenes.  So we started to research how we could do that.  And that is how we stumbled on Open Source.

The idea is very simple.  You put all the information you have out there.  All your notes, everything you’ve tried, and allow people to use it, modify it, rewrite it, with the purpose of correcting and/or improving it.  Open source has been around for a while.  Since the 80s at least.  It’s been used by business around the world for some time now.  Its gone through its hardships with regulations and changes but it is still around and growing more rapidly everyday.  We love the concept and can’t wait to experience the process firsthand.  We look forward to meeting all of you and building a website we can all be passionate about, enjoy and be proud of.

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