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To Donate, or Not To Donate? That is the Question…..

To Donate, or Not To Donate? That is the Question…..

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Roth-IRA-Income-Limits-2012 To Donate, or not to donate?  That is a question we ask ourselves more and more these days.  With so many con-artists and the internet making it harder to make people accountable, we need a way to get reliable information about fundraisers and non-profits.  Or just get the full story on someone’s cool new invention we would like to help fund. This is another great way for World Tree to pay it forward.  WTC could provide a way for people to donate to anyone, anywhere. Just think.  You could post an idea about some sort of function and, if you chose, WTC could give you aray to information we have found pertaining  to your post.  Let’s say you like what you find and you would like to support the other group or activity, with regards to what they are doing.  Even if this Leaf Holder does not have donation information provided, WTC will be a conduit so that you may ask if they would be open to a contribution.  Then, you could donate securely through the website. So you would be able to donate to anyone you felt would benefit from the support.  Or you could donate just because you like the idea and want to help it grow. Another function of WTC’s ability to be a conduit for contribution would be the contributor’s ability to check up on what they had contributed to.  Let’s say you have a charity or organization that you heard about and wanted to see if their actions were having beneficial effects in the area they are specializing in.  The Leaf Holder could post questions on our Q & A Board to folks in the region and receive real world information about the organization that they were interested in contributing to. So – donate or not to donate?  Let’s get some answers………..Winnie the pooh

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