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“Make New Friends, but Keep the Old – One is Silver and the Other Gold”

“Make New Friends, but Keep the Old – One is Silver and the Other Gold”

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We’ve talked so much lately about the promotional run and the progress we’ve been making with the help of Western Carolina University’s Business College, Clarke and I felt it was time to go back to our roots. And yes, pun intended. ūüôā ¬†So, I’ve gone back and reread some of our earlier messages to see where we can be more clear. ¬†Or more importantly, educate those new to World Tree Circle, what exactly it is we are setting in motion for everyone on Earth.

World Tree Circle is a global gathering¬†place. ¬†A safe and familiar virtual community center for people around the world to post about the things¬†they are excited about, that irritate them, or elicit¬†any of the pantheon of emotions that incite¬†us to post about the things happening in our lives.¬† It’s also the¬†perfect¬†place for¬†people to ask questions and gather information about¬†places around the globe they may, or may not have been, and want to learn more about – from the people who have firsthand experience. ¬†Anywhere around the world! ¬†We¬†can ask the locals, world travelers, educators, anyone really, about the topics we’ve¬†always wondered about. ¬†World Tree Circle is for sharing all those things. ¬†Information, ideas, hobbies, pictures, or videos, and commenting, or even full on discussions about, practically any topic you wish. ¬†Find and connect with other individuals who are just as interested as you. ¬†Just imagine. ¬†You absolutely love soccer, but you live in the United States and when you talk about association football, your friends want to talk about the NFL. ¬† With no need to worry about language barriers, ¬†you can hop on your favorite device, be it phone, tablet, or computer, and find passionate association football fans anywhere in the world to catch up on the recent game scores, banter about whose team is doing better this season, and share your thoughts on every facet of the sport with others who understand why it is so important to call it football, not soccer.

The same holds true for each and every one of us. ¬†There are people all around the world who love some or all of your favorite things and would delight in spending time talking to you about it. ¬†Distance isn’t the obstacle, the¬†different languages we all speak are more a challenge at this stage¬†in our technological¬†advancements. ¬†Even if each of us could afford to travel anywhere we wanted at any time, we would still have to know how to communicate once we got there. ¬†You also have to know how to find those people that share your zeal for things. ¬†We’ve got you covered there too!

World Tree Circle links similar events, interests, concerns, and opinions from around the world in an effort to demonstrate how similar we all are.  It provides a place where users need not have any familiarity with a region in order to gain knowledge from individuals who are from, or have been to, the region or regions of interest.  Users may create their own confidential account and choose to post things publicly or they have the option of creating a public posts just like they do with other social media.  The difference is that this site is designed to give people free access to regions and the living history that is created every day.  A way to get first hand knowledge from the people in an area where whatever it was that sparked your curiosity originates.  That could be current events, recipes, culture, history, the language, sports, whatever.   Access to a world’s worth of expertise!

Something that is becoming more common, but is still not yet well known by all, is the benefit of using open source software. ¬†World Tree Circle is entirely made up of open source software to allow it to grow and change with its community on every level. ¬†When the majority of leaf holders are¬†telling us on the main community board they don’t care for a certain set-up, or an open source programmer shares a cool new format with us, we will hold a poll and go with whatever the community decides! ¬†Open source software allows everyone access to the code for free. ¬†“Every user is a potential author.”¬† Even our translation software will be open source, allowing it to grow and improve every time a World Tree Circle member corrects an error or improves the grammar in a translation.

The list goes on and on. ¬†World Tree Circle is the place to be. ¬†Whether you’re looking to make new friends, researching for a trip you’re taking, or satisfy all your curiousity about the world, this site is the place for you!

Be one of the first! Donations of time, expertise and funding are all needed and greatly appreciated.  Get involved now and be one of the first to grow your beautiful leave on World Tree Circle.  There are so many ways to get in volved.

1. Visit our store to purchase World Tree gear or

2. GoFundMe.com/WorldTreeCircleRun to help power Clarke and I across the country spreading the word about the site and the need for better global communication.

3. Visit GitHub.com and search for World Tree Circle to take a look at the code and collaborate with us.

4. Email us at Info@WorldTreeCircle.com


Here’s a sneak peak of the foundation site that our most recent WCU CIS students completed this past semester. ¬†Not quite to the point we can start letting folks log-in, but a very promising start!

  • Log-in Page
  • Main Feed
  • World Tree Circle Q&A page

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