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Start Today – Be the Change

Start Today – Be the Change

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I began today like I always do.  I did my 20 minutes of meditation to help myself get off on the right foot, then checked my messages on Facebook and email.  The first thing I saw was a post one of my closest friends added early this morning about Baltimore.  I cannot explain the feeling of sadness and loss when I read about the violence in Baltimore, but I don’t think I really need to.  It put a weight, a feeling of responsibility to make positive changes in my life and my actions starting immediately.  Many Americans, and possibly many around the world, are feeling the same as I do today.  Americans want change.  The world wants change.  Malcontent has been brewing for ages.  We’ve seen it boil over more and more often and closer and closer to home each time.  Not always in a way that will bring about the changes we all seek.  Undermining and overshadowing the good being done everywhere.  No one wants anyone to die.  NO one wants pain and suffering and destruction.  I hear it all around me, this wish for things to be better.  The corruption to cease and life to better.  Yet so many feel that they don’t have any say.  That speaking out will only give them grief without making a difference in the long run.   We aren’t alone.  Rather than take our frustration out on one another, we need to join together.  Stand shoulder to shoulder and communicate like the intelligent and compassionate people we are.  Bridge the gaps that have grown between us.

Then I read another post about Balitmore.  One by a favorite artist of mine, Michael Franti.  Michael is a man I have come to highly respect, for his words but also for his actions.  My daddy always told me, it’s not just what someone says, it what they do.  I have tried to remember that about myself and of others.  Michael is trying to be the person he asks each of us to be.  True to himself and his fellow men (and women 🙂 ).  There is a better way to rise above and bring positive and peaceful change.  No one says it will be easy and none of us are perfect. We will make mistakes.  But is doesn’t have to be this way, I know that for certain.  I feel it deep in my soul.  We can learn from out mistakes and do things differently from this day forward.  Live conscientiously.  Michael says it so much more eloquently.  Check out his call to action here:

I am surrounded by amazing people and meet more every day.  Yes there is darkness & yes there is loss in life.  That is natural.  Without those things we wouldn’t appreciate the good things to their fullest.  There is also so, so, so much light!  So much joy and abundance and love that it overwhelms.  You just have to have faith.  I’m not talking about religious faith, though for many that is a great part of it too.  I’m talking about believing, with every fiber of your being, that things will change for the better.  The violence and hatred and suppression and fear will be washed away and balance restored.  It starts with you.  Believe you are great.  You are worthy.  BECAUSE YOU ARE.  Then extend that feeling to the people you meet everyday.  No matter who they are and how they treat you.  Be open and give.  Give to yourself and give to others.

That is one of the many reasons we are creating World Tree Circle.  We want to create a place where we can all connect, even when we can’t be together in person.  Help us make this happen.  There is no time to waste.  Let’s become a true global community!



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