Ruuuuuunnnn Claarrke! Run!

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Okay, Okay, I agree.  That quote, “Run Forest! Run!”  or variations thereof, have been used just a bit too much.  But we still chuckle, and it is actually kinda relevant in our case.  Recently, while on his daily run, Clarke got the idea to pull a Gump wearing a World Tree Circle T-shirt to promote WTC.  He got the inspiration from Forest Gump himself.  He was running for no reason, other than he enjoyed it.  That reason alone was good enough for Clarke.  After going on a run with a good friend who is passionate about running himself, Clarke found he loved to run.  What better than to combine two passions – WTC and running?  All that was left was to plan how and when.

After some initial thought and planning he brought it up to the kiddos and I that evening.  Though we are totally behind him, it was a real challenge for the kids, and me.  He is a stay at home dad, and the kids DO NOT want him to be gone that long.  Did you know that Forest ran for 3 years, 2 months, 14 days and 16 hours?   I can’t say I was real stoked at the idea of having him away from home for months, or years, either.  While moving back and forth from Ohio we didn’t make it more than a month before our begging him to come home had him moving ahead of schedule to be with us.  How would we get through the separation?  That was our selfishness speaking.  We all want this to be a success and this is something that Clarke enjoys and really wanted to do.  Plus, it is a great way to get the word out.  So, the decision was made.

Clarke figures after a bit of training, that he will be able to run 5 miles an hour for 8 hours a day.  From where we are in North Carolina to the West coast, then back past our home in the mountains to reach the East coast (and back to the house) is a bit over 6,000 miles.  That is about 150-some-odd days!  The more research he did the obvious is became that if he didn’t want to disappoint the kids by being away that long he was going to need to alter the plans a bit.  Instead of going cross country, which had less to do with World Tree Circle, he would have to find an alternative if we were going to make this run idea a success on every level.  That led to the idea of running in sections.  Each summer working from a new starting point.

Then, while telling another good friend of his about the idea and how he was working out the logistics of it, his friend suggested he run to different locations within the United States that represented the different countries around the world.  That sounded more feasible.  Less international flights – and more time with the family while the kids were home on vacation.  He could even run in warmer climates during the school year and not miss out on as much.

So that’s the plan.  We are going to get him T-shirts made with the WTC logo on it and he’s going to run to different places around the United States that represent the different countries around the world. We will keep everyone up to date on when and where he will be running.  In case anyone wants to join him or just follow along from home.  We hope to raise enough money to get enough T-Shirts to pass them out along the way as well as keep him fed and hydrated, lol.

If you have any great ideas on how to help Clarke with the planning or preparation, please comment below.  OR, if you have suggestions on where he should go in order to get “all around the world” put that in those comments below as well.  You can also email us at or message us on Facebook at if you prefer.


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    I had an idea the other day while running. What does everybody think about meeting up with family or a group in each area that would have a friend or relation in said country and when I get there I could digitally “pass the baton” and maybe that person could run as I run to the next place, in a World Tree shirt…..

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