Oh the Anticipation!

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It feels like Christmas Eve a bit tonight at the World Tree Circle Headquarters.  Tomorrow is the day that the Western Carolina University Business College students will present all their hard work to the businesses that they have been teamed up with over the last semester.  We have been working pretty closely with our team, meeting once a week whenever possible.  We got lots of great ideas and the the bones of what will become World    Tree    Circle.  True, it will be the bare bones.  These students had a short amount of time to work on what will be a very dynamic site.  But it is real now.  Not just a concept in our heads, or even a mock-up on paper. Tomorrow our students will present that in front of other businesses and their fellow graduates.  How exciting is that?  The closest I can come to describing it is that feeling we had as kids in the wee hours before Christmas when we could finally get out of bed and run to the tree.  Anyone else know that feeling?  Do you have a holiday or occasion that elicits a similar feeling?  We’d love to hear about it!

We’d like to give a huge thank you to Patrick Ballance, Christian Crawford, Nadja Heller, and Vin Pratt  for all the support, ideas, and help you have given us.  It was a true pleasure.

We’ll be sure to share all the new stuff we get in the presentation tomorrow as soon as we can.


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