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Since we began this endeavor in 2013 we have made progress in leaps and bounds.  Despite being a team of 2 on and off.  2014 was full of “leaps” for World Tree Circle.  We teamed up with Western Carolina University’s Business College.  We have been able to interact with up-and-coming individuals in their field, helping us to gain new perspectives.  We now have the foundation for the actual community site.  As well as having built a fast growing group of followers on 3 different social media sites – most, if not all, of which are not duplicated from those 3 communities!western carolina univ logo

So it is with great pleasure we can announce that in this new year, we will continue to make great advances.  We will be teaming with WCU again this semester and will be assigned two teams.  One for the fundraising (most likely IndieGoGo or Kickstarter) and the other to focus entirely on the development of the site where our last student team left off.  This is extremely exciting.  I for one have very high hopes for this semester’s students.  We learned a lot from our last joint effort and will be able to improve on much this semester.

Also, along with defining exactly how much money we need to build World Tree Circle and fund the run, we are working on getting the run mapped out and deciding on the schedule for stops to meet new people along the way.  Our tentative date to head out from Highlands, NC, is June 14th.  We will have to keep up a pretty vigorous pace, but the goal is to be back in Franklin, NC, on August 10, 2015.  That will give our kiddos some time to unwind and get ready for the upcoming school year to start.  Considering all the places they will see, the new people they will have met, and the amazing things those people will have shared – we will all need at least that much time to sort of assimilate all we have experienced.

communicating across culturesWe will be doing intensive research on functions and places steeped in the cultures we have picked for this trip.  We want to get the best examples we can find here in the States.  If you know of something, or someone, we should be sure not to miss, please let us know.  Send us a quick note or email at

Here’s to Great things in the New Year!


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