Did You Know? Rock Eaters Come Out in the Rain

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Where to begin?  An apology is in order, so I will start there.  I am sorry that so much time lapses between posts.  Consistency is something that all good business and life coaches repeat over and over.  I get it, I do.  There has been so much going on that Clarke and I have been leaving things unfinished each night and falling into bed around 11pm each night.  And to be quite honest with myself and all of you – consistency is definitely something I am still working on, lol.

So what have we been doing, you ask?  Still working on the Run Map and getting ready for our first meeting with the new teams from WCU this semester, of course!

The Run is coming along.  Slower than I had first expected it to, but not without progress.  So far, I have mapped our tentative stops from Highlands, North Carolina, to Palisades Park, NJ.  I haven’t cemented our stops yet, but I do have ideas and possible places to rest at the end of each day.  We even found a few interesting things along the route that we may have to stop and take a look at.  Did you know there are Ghost Bicycle memorials along the highways in some places?  There are bikes painted entirely white and positioned near roads where a cyclist was killed.  There is one not to far from our route as we pass through Pennsylvania.  You can read more about it here GhostBikes.org and see a list of ghost bike 1the current locations around the world along with the names of those they were erected for.  Sobering thought, considering Clarke will be biking every other day.

We will definitely be keeping safety in mind while Clarke is out.  We want him very visible for more reasons than just getting the word out about World Tree Circle! 🙂



We have also finished gathering our initial “info packets” for the WCU students to help us get off to a very smooth start this semester.  Things like passwords, what the last group accomplished, and so on.  We will be working with 2 teams, 3 students each.  Clarke and I like to meet with the students at least once a week to share what we have all been accomplishing and what the goals are for the upcoming week.  It makes it much easier to address any challenges that come up right away and helps us all stay on the right track.  Since these meetings can be jammed packed with news from everyone we will need to meet with our teams separately most of the time to maximize all our time.  We will meet as a whole company now and again to make sure we are all staying true to the business model that we have in mind for World Tree, but not every week.  Our student are only required to spend about 6 hours a week working on this project and we want them to spend as much of that as possible on the tasks at hand.

Needless to say, we are looking forward to meeting all these new professionals and the extra help and creativity they will bring to the table.  If you can bear with me and check back now and again you will see regular updates on how things are progressing.  This semester I will be asking our students to give us at least one blog post with their experience working on this site and the run crowd funding, if not regular posts on what they are up to along the way.


Also – we will be adding Clarke’s PICTURES ON THE RUN photos to the WTC Store in the coming weeks.  We will be making them available at the best prices we can – an all proceeds will go towards funding the upcoming run and the creation of WorldTreeCircle.com’s online community.  So, keep your eye out for those and feel free to purchase as many as you like!  Here are some of the photos you can expect to see for sale….

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