Contest!! Name the Picture on the Run Photo for a chance to WIN!

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We’ve been posting Clarke’s Pictures on the Run for some time now and every now and again the perfect title for a picture will just not come to us. So we’ve decided to enlist some help from the growing World Tree Circle community, just like we will be able to once we get the community site up and running!

To enter you just need to visit Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or Instagram and suggest a name for this photo for a chance to win a green World Tree Circle stylus pen. Feel free to vote for a suggestion given if you agree it is the best if you’d like as well. We will take it all into consideration.

A winner will be chosen from all the entries submitted between today and Sunday night at midnight. Extra consideration for those submissions that get favorited by other users. You can help us pick!The winner will be announced Monday, July 27th, in the comments for the photo in question as well as in the #PICTURESONTHERUN for that day.


World Tree Circle Stylus Pen

World Tree Circle Stylus Pen

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As a professional I specialize in superior customer service. In my personal life I love to spend time with my family-Clarke, Taylor, Benjamin and our 3 dogs and one cat. I love spending time with our friends too, whenever I can. It's one of my favorite pastimes!

  • Alright everyone, it’s time to announce the winner! All of our entries are WONDERFUL and we thank you all for submitting them. We finally decided on “Ray, a Drop of Golden Sun” submitted by Allison Seybert-Babb. Congratulation Allison! Very good eye, catching that “drop of sunlight” in front of the tree’s trunk! We were so pleased with all of the entries and had such a hard time deciding, that we have decided to give each of our contestants a pen for entering! Thank you all again for entering!

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