Beautiful and Inspiring Words Given to Us…I Just Had to Share.

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World Tree Circle is the place that people turn to where products, businesses, and ideas whose goal it is to solve intractable problems, heal the earth, and share knowledge for the benefit of all are found. 


Such beautiful words.  I can’t lay claim to them.  These are thanks to a World Tree Circle supporter like you.  Clarke’s dad, in fact.  From Clarke’s passionate explanation and defense of our pursuits to create this website, Mick has seen the picture described in his own words above.  World Tree Circle will be that, and so much more.  Our imagination is the limit.  It will be a simple social network for some.  For others it will be a tool.  And for those intrepid souls with limitless imaginations and faith it will be a place to gather with their fellow man and create a new world where we are all equal and beautiful.  Where we can solve the unsolvable and learn how to be…more.

In the words of Shakespeare, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on.”


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Co-founder of World Tree Circle and Owner of Binding Memories, LLC

As a professional I specialize in superior customer service. In my personal life I love to spend time with my family-Clarke, Taylor, Benjamin and our 3 dogs and one cat. I love spending time with our friends too, whenever I can. It's one of my favorite pastimes!

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