About World Tree Circle

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World Tree Circle is a grassroots organization that is dedicated to connecting people on a global scale through personal communication via an open source global community website.  It will include a dynamic question and answer forum divided by regions that allows users to direct their questions to the most relevant and accurate audience.

The basic layout and operation of WTC is a 3 column system. The left-most column being the user’s profile and smallest of the 3.  The user will have the ability to click in that column to expand it to be a full page so as to be able to edit and customize.  The central column, the largest, is the user’s personalized feed and can become the view for the many different aspects of WTC via icons from the right-hand column.  The right-hand column is currently referred to as the navigation bar. It houses active icons for all of the different aspects of World Tree Circle.  The user can maintain their normal feed and utilize simple drop downs under each of the icons or double click to enlarge it in the central column.  Currently the navigation tool includes the Q&A board, Community Forum, Translator Inquiries, Scavenger Hunt, Private Messages, Sun Rays,  and Personalized Ads.

World Tree Circle’s website will provide users with a place to interact, learn, and have fun on a global scale. It will be a place that people can share interesting ideas and expand their own ideas.  World Tree Circle is unique in that it will provide user-friendly tools to communicate across language and cultural barriers. The site will be open sourced in order to provide the most rapid responses to user feedback.

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