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Revelations – A Change of Plans

Revelations – A Change of Plans

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This is the first time I’ve run more than 20 some odd miles.  It’s been a year and a half since my buddy, Charles, got me into running.  On our first trip out after a party at his house, we had turned around about 7-7 1/2 miles in and were walking when I stepped off the trail and turned my ankle.  My left foot twisted so the bottom of my foot was clear around facing my other foot and I heard it pop.  But, you know me, I kept moving, but was only able to make it about 4 miles before my leg just wouldn’t go anymore.  Charles went and got the truck and I met him on the road.

The recovery period was a challenge, but I have enjoyed it.  Charles invited me to come run this SCAR with him and a friend and I leapt at it!  Thank you Charles for the invite and being such great support.  AND for hauling around such a crazy about of supplies on your back!  My homemade gels need a bit of tweaking, as I ended up with heartburn and a headache on the run (due to too much coffee in them, I think.)  Charles and his TUMS and gels saved my bacon!  I also would like to thank Brad Kee for having great trail experience and crazy endurance.   It was a good run and a strong team.  We Indian Ran the entire thing, trading off 2

I would also like to thank Matt and Sarah Fraser, friends of Brad’s.  They met us at approximately 40 miles in where there was car access.  We got to grab a solid bite (you have no idea how good that is after nothing but water and gels) and lube up again before hitting the trail again.  Matt ran the next 30 miles out with us too.  He’s a great guy – awesome attitude!  Good sense of humor.  Sara drove to the finish and then ran in to meet us.  There were crazy good pacers.IMG_20150529_062013555_HDR

So, our plan was to finish in under 24 hours.  As we neared the end, Brad, Charles, and I couldn’t help but push hard and we finished with Charles at 20 hours and 46 minutes and Brad and I in 20 hours 48 minutes – with Brad charging through on the last mile.  It was a great experience.  Including having to go off trail for water, we made a little over 74 miles in under 21 hours!

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I have also come to some conclusions after this run.  I have been driving too hard on this upcoming run and getting the website launched by the end of the summer.  The amount of research and sheer scope of planning a run this big (finding the contacts, scheduling the dates and times and locations, all our resources) is more than can be done in the time I allotted.  So, we will be postponing the leave Run/Bike trip start date.

We are developing great contacts and leads, so the momentum is picking up very quickly.  This additional time will be perfect for making contact with everyone and give us more options for both the creation of the site and planning for a very successful promotional trip at a later date.  We will keep everyone posted so that everyone will have the new date once it’s set.

We are so grateful for all the support we have been shown and will continue to work hard to get World Tree Circle ready for you all to start communicating.  Thank you everyone!

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