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Western Carolina University’s Final Presentation

Western Carolina University’s Final Presentation

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What a day!  We were scheduled to be “on” at 10am this morning but due to a little snaffoo, our group presented at 10:30a instead.  We thought we had everything ready.  T-shirts for the team were done and bagged up ready to go.  We got to bed and were able to get a decent nights sleep, despite our excitement.  Even got out the door at a better than usual time.

Then we realized we left the shirts on the chair by the phone – back at the house.  We would have been doing okay, but there was a sweet English Staffordshire Terrier mama in the road on our way home that just wouldn’t get out of the road and stay there.  We couldn’t leave her there to get killed.  So, despite already running almost 10 minutes behind for a presentation that would last approximately 15 minutes, we tucked her into the car where she gratefully settled in and took her home to keep her safe until we could contact her owner with the number on her collar.

Dr. Yue Hillon was wonderful.  She let our group hold off and put another group up in our slot so that we wouldn’t miss our team present.  I’d like to say it went off without a hitch.  I’d be lying.  However, it was a very small hitch (not counting being 15 minutes late, of course).  Part of the powerpoint presentation didn’t load but Christian barely missed a bit with his speech and they all kept smiling and moving confidently forward.  It was great.

During the question portion there were great comments and shows of support and interest from the other business owners present.  It was exhilarating as well as enlightening.  we stayed after for a bit talking with the team about how we would implement many of their recommendations and received several offers for further help.  We will continue to work closely with Western Carolina University through their internship program as well as future ventures with the the Business College’s capstone projects whenever we can.  Dr. Hillon has been a tremendous help and would like to continue to do so going forward. So look to hear more of our great adventures with WCU, SBTDC, and Yue Hillon and Wendy Cagle in the future.

Team World Tree Circle (WCU) 2014-12-11

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