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On a More Personal Note

On a More Personal Note

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pee safelyWe’ve been so preoccupied of late with the more technical aspects of World Tree Circle that I’ve noticed less of a personal touch to the blog posts. ¬†Sorry about that! ūüôā

WTC is all about the web being a tool for us to get closer and connect on a personal level.  So its only right that we start with the blog.  What about some little articles about topics you might see Sun Rays for?

Funny as it sounds, “Where to find a safe public restroom while traveling” is an example that has come up on more than one occasion. ¬†Make’s sense though. ¬†Don’t you think? ¬†We’ll all find ourselves in that situation at one time or another. ¬†Unless you never leave your house, of course.

It doesn’t even have to be when you are somewhere on the other side of the world. ¬†I mean, what if you’re across town and don’t know the area well? ¬†You see my point?

No question is stupid.  Or so the saying goes.  We all have our quirky curious to satisfy.  Whether its where to find a safe public lou or whether frog legs taste like chicken or fish.  What questions would you like to ask?

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