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hard at work

So I owe an apology to our followers.  I haven’t posted anything recently and I apologize for the lapse.  I have been giving my spare time to updating our business plan.

Wendy Cagle (at WCU) gave us their Business Plan outline to use and I have been trying to pull the still useful information from our old business plan to the new one plus add the new information that is missing.  Simple right?  I thought so but now I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.  It isn’t that the concept is terribly difficult.  More that the information it calls for is not as cut and dry in our case.  There are lots of social networks to gather some data from but each has it’s “specialty” where WTC will try to incorporate them all with better translation software and through open source technology.

There are no other open sourced social network sites that I have found to date.  Without other sites to compare to or pull financial histories on, I have to create the budget and projections almost from scratch.  I can use bits and pieces from what I find for each of the specialized sites.  It seems like guess-work at best for some things.  We know what the hosting is costing us now, what our domain names cost, etc.,  but we have to know how many servers we think we’ll need, the cost of maintaining them, how many people to run everything and what their salaries will be, an so on.

We know this is a worthwhile project and can describe what we think it could look like (to an extent) and what we want it to do for our users.  However, we don’t know what creating the site entails, not really.  So I am working on the parts I know I can fill out and then will start attending Meet Ups in our area to learn more about the areas that we are lacking in.  If you know of any groups that would allow me to join them and listen to their discussion, maybe even ask some questions, please let me know!

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