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Sun Ray

Sun Ray

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People all around the world thrive on gathering information helpful to their passions, work, creativity, and etc. One of the ideas for World Tree Circle is to facilitate a website where people everywhere can publicly post what they are doing and how, in order to help someone else that may be doing something similar.  World Tree Circle has the potential to not only be an inspirational tool but also an educational one.  When a user posts something similar to another users work or interests, that user will get a  notification called a “sun ray”. If you are planning to start a club or group activity and you post on WTC publicly about it, the site can help you to find other people interested. You could request a “sun ray” for just about anything you post.  The algorithm would be very simple.  Similar to a search engine.  It would use the words you wrote to find you similar posts from others.  Perhaps, it would be better if the leaf holders specified which areas of interest they would prefer their “rays” to come from. This feature would enable the users to learn more about projects, ideas, and pertinent information happening all around the world while letting them tailor information to their specific interests.  It could also be used as an open source forum.

sun woman                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           beautiful colorful sunset with sun rays


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